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About The Work

Everyone loves a well-designed space. We feel more comfortable and whole in the right place. Our surroundings inspire us, cradle us and even define us. Maybe you’re moving and need your home professionally staged. Perhaps it’s time to renovate and expand, or maybe you just want to update your home. Jennifer Schmid Designs provides services to help you transform your personal space into something beyond your expectations, carefully blending your own unique qualities with timeless design and fashionable décor.

About Jennifer

Jennifer loves to create. She has always had an eye for the visually compelling, and early in life developed an interest in both the aesthetic and technical sides of design. She was able to turn her passion into a career, and has been actively involved in the design industry for over 15 years. She studied design marketing and home staging, and received her Interior Design Diploma in 2003. Since then she has excelled in her profession, collaborating with Toronto designers, staging properties that range from condos to million dollar homes for Realtors, and consulting at luxury fabric showrooms. Jennifer Schmid Designs serves clients in Toronto and the GTA, and strives for excellence on every new challenge. She continues her education with seminars, courses, and trade shows to stay on top of innovations, source new products and discover future trends. She brings her knowledge and experience to each project she tackles and endeavors to always exceed her clients’ expectations. Personable, professional and fabulously creative, Jennifer brings efficiency and passion to each and every design.

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